We have reached 110% percent of our goal! This is fantastic… We could not ask for better backers.

Here at NightShade we have been working hard to design the next iteration of the energyShield and track down suppliers for the major components. It has been an interesting journey, learning to work with suppliers overseas. So far, I think our efforts have been successful.

Samples from prospective suppliers
Samples from prospective suppliers

These are the samples that we have received, but there are more on the way. We are working to find high quality parts at affordable (wholesale) prices. We, and by extension you, can not afford to pay $2 for a set header pins. We are very impressed with the samples that we have already received. While we can see the light at the end of the tunnel for our campaign, this is just the beginning for NightShade.

We are looking forward to meeting our stretch goals and supplying all of you with a better energyShield than you originally backed.

Thank you again for your continued support!

The NightShade Team

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