Several backers have asked for some special features to be added to the energyShield. Well, we have heard you and this is our offer… We are doing really well so far, and I completely expect to meet our official goal this upcoming weekend. (Woohoo!) That being said, I think we can do a LOT more…

Introducing the energyShield STRETCH GOALS!

$15,000 3.3V OUTPUT/BREAK OUT – The energyShield will be equipped to output 3.3V without an Arduino attached AND we will add a “breakout” header section to the energyShield including GND, 5V, 3.3V, PWR Switch, SCL, SDA.

$20,000 USB CHARGING -The ability to charge the energyShield via USB micro will be added for everyone that doesn’t like having the extra adapter lying around.

$25,000 SOLAR CHARGING – Whether in the middle of a forest/desert/ocean, the energyShield will always be able to be charged with a solar (PV) cell without interrupting the the flow of power. Imagine having a self recharging power source in the middle of nowhere. Now all you’ll need is an energyShield and a PV cell.

These goals are based on your suggestions and, in my opinion, they are GREAT. I would love to include all of these features in the version of the energyShield that we will send to you (the energyShield backers), but we need your help to get us there. These additions are going to require a LOT of design work. If you can help us reach these goals, the NightShade team will gladly work these features into the energyShield.

So far, 85% of our pledges have come from, meaning that only 15% have followed a link from an external post/blog/website and pledged. 15% external linking is pretty good, but I think that we could use more exposure beyond Kickstarter. PLEASE share this campaign. The stretch goals are at stake. Please post the campaign on your Facebook, Twitter, and especially in your favorite Arduino/Maker/DIY blogs.

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Thank you SO much for you continued support!

The NightShade Team