It’s another great day here on Kickstarter! We still have a steady stream of backers coming in from around the world. Keep ’em coming! Are there any Reddit fans out there? Here is our post. Would you please upvote it? 😀

This morning we have begun looking into the next design of the energyShield. These design modifications will take place before we manufacture the shields that you will receive. Here at NightShade we have really taken to heart the innovative ideas you (the backers) have had to make the energyShield more useful. Below are some of the suggestions that have been mentioned:

  • Breakout (non-shield) version
    • The energyShield will ship without the header pins installed, kind of making it a breakout board. Is there a feature that would make this more useful?
  • Sourcing 3.3V
  • USB Charging
  • Solar (PV) Charging

What other ideas do you have? What would make the energyShield more useful for you? We will be reviewing all of these ideas for the next versions of the energyShield. Please leave a comment here on this update with your idea.

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Thank you again for your support!

The NightShade Team