sdDuino – The Data Logging Arduino Board

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  • Arduino Uno Compatible
  • Built-in microSD Socket
  • Low-Power Consumption
  • Perfect for Datalogging
  • Pairs well with energyShield 2 Pro

In stock (can be backordered)

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The sdDuino is an Arduino Uno style board that was designed with data logging in mind. It has a very low power consumption and a built-in SD card socket for data storage. These features make it an excellent pairing for the energyShield 2 Pro. The sdDuino-energyShield pair is a very efficient, compact solution for monitoring and controlling projects in remote locations. sdDuino provides the microcontroller and SD data storage, and the energyShield 2 Pro provides a rechargeable power source that can be charged directly from a solar panel and the energyShield 2 Pro can sleep the power to sdDuino providing extreme power savings.


Technical Specs

Arduino Board

  • Arduino Uno Equivalent
  • Vcc: 5.0V
  • Digital I/Os: 14 (6 PWMs)
  • Analog Inputs: 6
  • I/O Current: 20mA/pin
  • Total I/O Current: 190mA

SD Card Connections

  • MOSI : D11
  • MISO : D12
  • SCK : D13
  • CS : D4

Additional information

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