Project Kit 1: LED Temperature Display

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This is the kit that accompanies Project 1: LED Temperature Display Kit.

Note: energyShield 2 Basic and U-Shaped Jumper Wires are OPTIONAL add-ons (not included in price)

7 Segment Display - 2 Digits

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Temperature & Humidity Sensor Module - DHT11

In stock

Resistors - 1K Ohm - 1/4 W - 5% (10 Pack)

In stock

UNO Board (Arduino Compatible)

In stock

830 Tie Point Breadboard

In stock

Breadboard Jumper Wire Set - 65 Pieces

In stock

Breadboard Jumper Wires U-shaped 140 Pieces – optional

In stock

energyShield 2 Basic – optional

In stock (can be backordered)



This kit accompanies the Project 1: LED Temperature Display Kit project article.


Parts Required for Project 1: LED Temperature Display Kit

1x Uno Development Board

1x 830 Tie-Point Breadboard

1x 2-Digit 7-Segment LED Display

1x DHT11 Temperature & Humidity Sensor Module

1x 1kOhm Resistors (10 pack)

1x Breadboard Jumper Wires

1x U-Shaped Breadboard Jumper Wires (Optional)

1x energyShield 2 Basic (Optional for Battery Power)


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