Passive Buzzer


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  • Passive Buzzer
  • Magnetic
  • 44 Ohms

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This buzzer can give your Arduino a voice. It can beep and buzz like a cousin of R2-D2.

This is a passive buzzer, meaning that it does not generate its own tone. It must be driven by an oscillation from another device. This lets you wire it to an Arduino (or similar) and create any tones that you would like. This buzzer is magnetic, with a resistance of 50 ohms, and should be driven through (in series with) a 10uF capacitor and a 100Ω resistor to limit the maximum current flow.


Technical Specs

  • Coil Resistance: 50 ± 7 Ω
  • Peak Current: 30 mA
  • Mean Current: 10 mA
  • Output Volume: 80 dB @ 10 cm
  • Resonant Frequency: 2048 Hz



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