Boost (Step-Up) Regulator with LED Voltmeter – LM2577


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  • Boost Regulator
  • Boosts from 3V to 35V
  • 4A Output

In stock

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The LM2577 is a high-performance boost module that will accept a low input voltage of 3-32V and output a voltage as high as 35V. The output voltage in continuously adjustable with the built-in potentiometer. This regulator works well with low voltage batteries, such as lithium-ion/lithium-polymer. The output or input voltage can be shown on the LED display.

Technical Specs

  • Input Voltage: 3 – 32 V
  • Output Voltage: 5 – 35 V
  • Output Current Rating: 3 A
  • Switching Frequency: 52 kHz
  • Dimensions: 60 x 35 x 13.5mm
  • Weight: 24g


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