10-Pin to 6-Pin AVR ISP Programming Adapter


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  • AVR ISP Adapter
  • 10-Pin to 6-Pin

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Atmel has two default pinouts for the ISP programming header; a 10-pin and a 6-pin layout. Many of the AVR programmers have the 10-pin programming connector, which is not useful for programming most Arduino devices which use the 6-pin connector. This adapter converts the 10-pin connector into a 6-pin connector, allowing the programmers with 10-pin connectors to be used with the Arduino devices.


Compatible Devices

  • USBasp
  • AVRISP v1/v2
  • USBtinyISP
  • USBtiny
  • Pocket AVR Programmer
  • All other programmers with 10-pin ISP connector…

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