1-Wire Temperature Sensor Module – RW1820 (DS18B20)


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  • Unique 1-Wire® Interface Requires Only One Pin for Communication
  • Can Run Many Sensors On One Bus
  • Runs on 3.0-5.5V
  • Range: -55°C to +125°C (-67°F to +257°F) ±0.5°C
  • 9 to 12-bit Resolution (User Selectable)

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The RW1820 is a digital thermometer and is a drop-in replacement for the DS18B20 that communicates with the Dallas 1-Wire protocol and provides high-precision temperature monitoring. Each sensor has a unique address and can be attached to the same 1-Wire network as MANY other sensors. It provides 9-bit to 12-bit (adjustable) Celsius temperature measurements and also has an alarm function. Because of its ability to have many sensors on the same 1-wire bus, this sensor is ideal for HVAC environmental controls, temperature monitoring systems, equipment, or machinery, and process monitoring and control systems.

Technical Specs

  • Supply Voltage: 3.0 – 5.5 V
  • Temperature Range: -67 °F – 257 °F (-55 °C – 125 °C)
  • Temperature Error: ±0.9 °F (±0.5 °C)
  • Communication: 1-Wire Protocol
  • Can Use Parisite Power From Data Line (Only 2 Pins)


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