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Intro to Arduino: Uploading a Sketch

Uploading a sketch couldn’t be easier than it is in the Arduino IDE. Here is a set of steps for you to follow to make sure the process goes smoothly for you.


Steps to Upload A Sketch

  1. Open the sketch that you want to upload. (You could have just written it, you can open it from a file, or you can open an example.)
  2. Go to Tools -> Board and be sure that your board (e.g. Uno, Leonardo, etc.) is selected.
  3. Go to Tools -> Port and select the port that corresponds to your board.
  4. Depending on the board that you are using, sometimes other options are available. (Processor, CPU Speed, etc.) Be sure these are correct as well.
  5. Click the Upload button in the upper left-hand corner of the window.


After these steps, the IDE will compile your code (convert the human code into machine code) and upload it to your board. Then your board will automatically reset and begin running your code.


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