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Hardware Reference - energyShield 2 Basic

Hardware Overview

Pin Descriptions

Pin Name Description
5V Normally connected to the 5V regulator. Can be disconnected by cutting “5V:5V” solder jumper.
3.3V Always connected to 3.3V regulator.
GND Always connected to ground net.
Vin Normally disconnected. Allows user to connect 5V regulator to Vin pin. This is needed for certain boards (pcDuino, Intel Galileo, ect.). Can be connected with 5V:Vin solder jumper.
 RAW  This pin provides unregulated power from the battery that does not switch off. It also has a higher maximum current than the regulated pins. It is useful for powering parts of a project that need power even when the shield is switched off (example, an LCD screen).
 EN  This pin allows the shield to be turned on without using the switch. Connect this pin to the RAW pin will activate the power outputs while the switch is in the OFF position. (1 kΩ Input)

All other pins on the energyShield 2 Basic are not connected. They serve as pass-throughs for the Arduino Headers.

Circuit Descriptions

Circuit Number/RefDes (Noted with blue boxes) Description
1 / U101 USB Charger. This IC controls the USB charging of the LiPo battery.
2 / U201 5V Boost Switching Regulator
3 / U202 3.3V Linear Regulator

Power Pin Specifications

Description Specification
USB Input Voltage 5V
USB Input Current 500mA Max
5V Output Current 1000mA Max
3.3V Output Current 300mA Max
RAW Pin Output Voltage 3V – 4.2V (Battery Voltage)
RAW Pin Output Current 1800mA Max

Logic Level Pin Specifications

Description Specification
EN (Enable Pin) Logic Threshold 1.5V
EN (Enable Pin) Voltage Tolerance 0 – 5V


Power Flow Chart

This flow chart illustrates how power is handled in the energyShield 2 Basic.


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