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Getting Started - energyShield 2 Basic

Quick Start Guide

This quick-start guide to get you going with your new energyShield 2 or energyShield 2 Basic, right out of the box.

  1. First thing, you need to make sure that the power switch is in the OFF position. If it is not, the logic circuitry will lock when the battery is connected.
  2. Plug the battery into the battery connector. If you need to remove it, use fingernails or small tool to grab the white plastic connector. Do not pull on the wires or bend them excessively. Doing so may cause damage.
  3. If you are going to be using the energyShield to power a specialty board like the Intel Galileo, PCDuino, etc. you may need to route the 5V output to the Vin pin. This can be done by cutting the trace in the 5V:5V solder jumper and soldering the 5V:Vin jumper. Be sure to double check your requirements before making this change.
  4. When connecting the energyShield 2 Basic to your project, follow these safety steps to prevent shorts or damage.
    1. Turn off the energyShield 2 Basic.
    2. Connect the energyShield 2 Basic to you Arduino style board or other project.
    3. Ensure that all connections are correct (i.e. shield is stacked properly).
    4. Now you may turn on the energyShield 2 Basic to power your project.

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