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Getting Started with energyDuino

The energyDuino is an Arduino board with a rechargeable battery built-in! The Arduino portion of the energyDuino behaves as an Arduino Uno board and power circuitry supplies 5V and 3.3V to the Arduino and anything attached to the power pins. The energyDuino is capable of supplying 1A at 5V and 300mA at 3.3V. The power is turned on and off by the switch or the high-impedance EN pin (High=ON, Low=OFF).


Uploading Sketch

  • Set Board to Arduino/Genuino Uno
  • Connect USB Micro cable
  • Select appropriate COM port
  • Click UPLOAD!


Charging Battery

The battery charges through the same USB port that is used to upload sketches.

  • Connect USB Micro cable to a power source capable of sourcing 500mA. (USB 2.0 or better)
  • The CHG (charging) LED will light up while the battery is being charged and turn off when the charging is complete.

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