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NightShade Electronics is a design and engineering firm founded in 2013 in Melbourne, Florida. With a broad selection of tools at our disposal and a diverse collection of talent, we are ready to tackle nearly any design or engineering challenge.

Engineering Capabilities


Making an idea into a physical, manufacturable reality requires the expertise of someone who has done it before. Our engineers are experienced in many types of mechanical design.

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Electronics are the heartbeat of most modern devices. We are skilled in a broad range of electronic design, and we are ready to solve the design problems you face.

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Embedded Software

Smart devices require smart instructions. Our engineers are experienced at programming software for all kinds of embedded applications using microcontrollers from most major manufacturers.

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Technologies we Create

Battery Management Systems (BMS)
Battery management systems encompass the charging of batteries, the monitoring of batteries, maintaining the health and balance of a battery pack, and protecting batteries from becoming damaged. We are able to create systems of any size; as small as a cell phone or as big as an electric vehicle (EV).
Commercial Products
A great idea for a product is only meaningful if you can transform the idea into a reality. Our engineers are experienced in the process of developing an idea, creating a prototype, refining the design for manufacturing, and navigating the production process. We can turn your concept into a ready-to-sell product.
Motion Control Systems
Sometimes it is very useful to have a computer perform a task in the real world. Our engineers are experienced in solving these problems with motors, servos, and actuators. Whether you are creating an electric vehicle (EV) or industrial automation, we are ready to help.
LED Lighting
LEDs are the future of lighting, but they can be difficult to integrate with the existing infrastructure. Our engineers can perform the integrations for you, creating dimmable LED lighting capable of running anywhere.
Renewable Solar Energy
From drones to mobile computing, solar cells are a remarkable technology that is working its way into all sorts of devices. We are very experienced in solar cell implementation and control methods needed to achieve the maximum power output from a solar system.
Power Circuitry
A device’s power supply circuitry is often more complex than the device itself. Our engineers are experienced in creating all types of power supplies to provide your product with stable and reliable power from any source: including batteries, AC wall power, or solar.

Electrical Capabilities

We are tooled and ready to tackle almost any electrical design and development. Our facilities are equipped with up-to-date electrical test equipment and our circuit designs are aided with computer SPICE simulations to ensure performance and reliability. Once the design is complete, we will produce prototypes in-house in order to validate and improve the circuitry.

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Mechanical Capabilities

Our engineers are ready to tackle a large variety of mechanical engineering problems. We are equipped with a variety of modern CAD software to create your designs. Once a mechanical design is completed, we can use our in-house prototyping shop to build and validate it.

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Software Capabilities

Our electronics capabilities are complemented by our embedded software development. Our in-house engineers will create software to run your device based on your design criteria. They will work with you to produce the product behavior and feel that best suits your application.

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At NightShade Electronics we always put our clients first. On any project, we work to meet and exceed your expectations. Contact us and we will start to make your project a reality!

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