Today has been an awesome day so far! Today we have received $2,373 in pledges! I am blown away by how you have supported us. However, we have just started reaching the tougher times. All of the discounted energyShields are gone and we’ve gotten to the full priced ones (~$40 + $5 Shipping). Now we need your help more than ever. We need you to keep sharing this with the people you come in contact with. Share it with all of your “maker” peers on forums, blogs, email, and social networks.

There are some really neat widgets available for you to embed in HTML enabled sites. These can on the Kickstarter video (where is says “< > Embed”) or at Kicktraq.

Over the next 24 days we need your help to keep this campaign moving an to achieve all it can be.

To support us on Kickstarter, please click the link below!


Thank you SO much for all of your continued support!

The NightShade Team