As the title suggests, we have been ordering and receiving a LOT of parts. We received all of the header pins, which are pictured below.

The power jacks and AC adapters are in the mail and our manufacturer has received all of the parts to assemble the energyShields. I even got to snap a picture of a panel of energyShield PCBs. Although it’s not a very good picture… The green room added some weird coloration… and the fluorescent lights caused a double exposure… But you get to see it! 😀

The bottom row of PCBs looks about right. The manufacturer is going to be getting us a couple of assembled proofs this week, to ensure everything is in order, and then they’re going to start production.

So, we’ve got a good product, now we need a good package. Here are a couple of prototype boxes for the energyShield.

On the right is a proof from the box manufacturer. As I was readjusting the graphics I printed the one on the left. It’s made of copy paper… The color is not correct on either, so that’s something you have to look forward to.

There have been some delays in ordering the batteries and boxes, but now we have placed the orders for both. They will take 4-5 weeks to arrive and then we can begin shipping the rewards to all of you. Again, I apologize for the delays in fulfilling your rewards. This is our first time navigating all of this and the redesign of the energyShield was unexpected when we began our campaign. We feel that the upgrades are well worth the wait and I hope you will agree when you get your hands on the energyShield. We will send out updates as more parts arrive.

Thank you for your support,

The NightShade Team