19 09, 2014

energyShield Update #24 – The energyShield is Now Available! Buy them now!

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I am very pleased to announce that the energyShield is now for sale, domestically, on our website. We are also selling some accessories to compliment your energyShield, including solar panels! We are in the process of setting up some international distributors. We will list these distributors on our website when they become available. NightShade Electonics [...]

8 09, 2014

energyShield Update #23 – Product Manual/Assembly Guide and Arduino Library

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As all of you receive your energyShields we know you will be very eager to assemble them and get them powering your projects, so Jordan spent many hours yesterday finishing the product manual. It looks great and it is posted on out website (https://ns-electric.com/products/energyshield) along with the Arduino library that I wrote for the fuel [...]

28 08, 2014

energyShield Update #21 – Assembly, Testing, and Packing (Pictures and Videos!)

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The last few weeks have been very exciting. We've moved through production, testing, and packing. Production Since the energyShield is basically just an assembled, printed circuit board (PCB) its manufacturing process is essentially the PCB assembly process. The process begins with a PCB design (that's what we did) and a parts list. The manufacturer (Jaycon [...]

1 08, 2014

energyShield Update #18 – Assembled in the United States of America!

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We are proud to announce that the energyShield will be assembled in the USA! We are working with a company right here in Melbourne, FL known as Jaycon Systems. Jaycon is fairly well known in the DIY electronics community as a distributor, but they are, even more so, a contract manufacturer. Obviously they will assemble your [...]