In 2014 NightShade launched a successful Kickstarter for the energyShield: a feature-rich Arduino battery shield. After months of development, we are excited to present the energyShield 2 Pro: the even more feature rich Arduino battery shield. The energyShield 2 Pro was successfully launched into the market for Makers and professionals alike in March of 2017! It is available for purchase now through our website!


Meet energyShield 2 Pro

The energyShield 2 Pro is a rechargeable battery shield for Arduino which incorporates all of the tried and true features of the original and takes them to a whole new level. We upgraded the battery to 1800mAh and added a custom injection-molded cover to protect the battery from punctures. The new power sleeping feature, in conjunction with our solar charging technology, allows the energyShield 2 Pro to run indefinitely. Therefore, it will provide your project with the power it needs, when it needs it.


Filled with powerful features.

 Large 1800 mAh Lithium Polymer Battery
 5V (1000mA) and 3.3V (300mA) Outputs
 Charge from the Sun with I2C Programmable Current Limiting
 Sleep on I2C command for as little or a long as needed to conserve power.
 Precisely moniter remaining Charge, Current, and Battery Voltage with a I2C Fuel Gauge
 Supported with the full-featured NS_energyShield2 Arduino Library
 Timestamp logged data with an integrated Real Time Clock


For more details about the features of the energyShield 2 Pro, go check out the energyShield 2 product page.


Assembled here in Melbourne, FL!

We know our customers value quality and reliability, so we keep the manufacturing close to home. The PCB assembly, testing, and final assembly all take place right here in Melbourne, FL



Charge from the Sun

The energyShield 2 Pro was built with solar charging in mind. Watch the video below to see it in action running the solarLCD Arduino Code Example.

This example sketch is designed to demonstrate the low power abilities of the energyShield 2 Pro and the ability to implement a maximum power-point tracking (MPPT) algorithm for solar charging. This project runs an LCD display from the RAW battery voltage pin that does not sleep. This power is used to maintain the LCD display even while the power to the Arduino is turned off. When solar power is available, the Arduino runs a MPPT algorithm to maximize the power generated by the solar panel.


Available now!


Also, check out the energyShield 2 Basic

For everyone who would like the uninterrupted power of the energyShield 2 Pro without the need for all the features, we have developed the energyShield 2 Basic. It has the exact same form factor, battery, and power output for an even more affordable price.