15 03, 2014

energyShield Update #11 – Solar Charging Prototype

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There has been a lot of interest in solar charging and, honestly, we're really interested too. Today we completed a prototype of a solar charging circuit. The results were VERY interesting. We knew that there had to be a relationship between the voltage generated by a solar panel, the insolation (sun light hitting the panel), [...]

6 03, 2014

energyShield Update #9 – Samples from prospective suppliers

By |2014-03-06T11:25:20-05:00March 6th, 2014|Arduino, energyShield, Kickstarter|0 Comments

We have reached 110% percent of our goal! This is fantastic... We could not ask for better backers. Here at NightShade we have been working hard to design the next iteration of the energyShield and track down suppliers for the major components. It has been an interesting journey, learning to work with suppliers overseas. So [...]