28 02, 2014

energyShield Update #7 – New Educational Reward Packages of 4 or 8 energyShields!

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There has been a lot of mention, by backers, that one energyShield is just not enough. We hear you! There are now reward tiers offering multiple energyShields! $150 - SMALL EDUCATIONAL PACK - 4 energyShields (+ $20 international shipping) $300 - LARGE EDUCATIONAL PACK - 8 energyShields (+ $40 international shipping) These reward tiers were [...]

22 02, 2014

energyShield Update #4 – Atmel has featured the energyShield on their blog!

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Atmel, the creator of the microprocessors on the Arduino boards, has featured the energyShield on their blog here. Hopefully this kind of recognition will accelerate our campaign! Thank you SO much for all of your support and please continue to spread the word! The NightShade Team To support us on Kickstarter, please click the link [...]

21 02, 2014

energyShield Update #3 – Design modifications for the next prototype.

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It's another great day here on Kickstarter! We still have a steady stream of backers coming in from around the world. Keep 'em coming! Are there any Reddit fans out there? Here is our post. Would you please upvote it? :D This morning we have begun looking into the next design of the energyShield. These [...]